Basket Set Dendritic Quartz Necklace

Basket Set Dendritic Quartz Necklace


This necklace is handcrafted in sterling silver and features a pair of yellow dendritic quartz from Brazil. These natural stones are cut in rounded rectangular and triangular shapes. Each sits in a soldered basket setting made specifically for it.

What is dendritic quartz?

Dendritic quartz is quartz in which dendrites- or "tree-like" crystallization have formed. Dendritic patterns are found throughout the universe ie. in lightning, trees, rivers and tributaries, neurons, and snowflakes.


The chain is 24 inches long (about 61 cm) and the pendant portion is about 24 x 46 mm.

All of the sterling silver has been oxidized to a dark, gunmetal tone to contrast the stones. It is finished and ready to ship!

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