Genuine Herkimer Diamond Cage Necklace - Imperfect Beauty D

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Genuine Herkimer Diamond Cage Necklace - Imperfect Beauty D


This necklace is handcrafted from sterling silver and a genuine Herkimer Diamond. Herkimer diamonds refer to crystal quartz with a point on each end found in Herkimer County, New York.

These Herkimer Diamond necklaces are very versatile and can be worn with many different outfits- both casual and dressy. They are also fantastic alternative birthstones for April birthdays!

This crystal is trap-set in a handcrafted, soldered cage setting made for its individual shape. It is allowed to wiggle a bit in its cage, but will not come loose. All of the sterling silver is oxidized to a dark patina to contrast the clear stone.

This crystal is NOT water-clear, and has black inclusions of anthraxolite (fossilized plant matter) throughout. I love the imperfect beauty of these larger stones and decided to offer them at a lower price than my clear crystal necklaces.

SIZE and LENGTH: The Herkimer Diamond itself is very large, at 18 mm long (see hand picture for reference).
The chain included is 34 inches long and ends in a pair of wire wrapped quartz beads. This length of chain is referred to as an Opera Length Necklace.

It is highly recommended that you store this necklace hanging up because of its length. If you require a shorter chain, please leave me a note at checkout so that I can make adjustments.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask!


Herkimer Authenticity:

Herkimer Diamonds are specific to Herkimer County in New York only. There are many double pointed quartz crystals from other parts of the world that are incorrectly advertised as Herkimer Diamonds when they are actually from Pakistan, Tibet, etc. At Lithic Design, anything labeled “Herkimer Diamond” will ALWAYS be authentic from Herkimer, NY.


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