Long Rutilated Quartz Basket Set Necklace

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Long Rutilated Quartz Basket Set Necklace


This necklace (left side in the trio pictures) is handcrafted in sterling silver and features a piece of rutilated quartz from Brazil. This particular stone is cut in a step-faceted triangle shape and sits in a soldered basket setting made specifically for it.

What is rutilated quartz?

Rutilated quartz describes quartz with needles of rutile throughout. In this pendant, these thin needles of rutile (titanium dioxide) are golden in color.

This necklace is discounted slightly to reflect a couple surface chips near the bottom prong. These are just barely visible to the naked eye, and don't affect the beauty of this stone overall.


The chain is 24 inches long (about 61 cm) and the stone is about 23 x 16 mm.

All of the sterling silver has been oxidized to a dark, gunmetal tone to contrast the stone. It is finished and ready to ship!

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