Tiger Moth Necklace with Red Oregon Sunstone

Tiger Moth Necklace with Red Oregon Sunstone


This is the fourth necklace in my Art Nouveau moth series. Art Nouveau and Jugendstil pieces traditionally featured curved lines and had often nature motifs. This necklace features a pair of harnessed tiger moths in sterling silver with 14k gold accents and a red, Oregon sunstone that was cut in-studio by me. Each component of this necklace is handcrafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques. The moth pair is sawn by hand.


The moth pendant measures 30 x 50 mm / 1.25 x 2 in. and the length is approximately 19 inches (48 cm). For reference- I am a smaller lady, and the pendant falls about two inches below my collarbone.

The back of the piece is stamped for purity with both 925 (sterling silver) and 14k (gold).

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