Kaley: Owner, Designer, Fabricator, Metalsmith, Tinkerer

Lithic Design started with a basic metalworking class that had me absolutely hooked.  A late diagnosis of Lyme Disease left me with multiple health issues and cut my college carrier short.  As a result of ample time, I delved deeper into metalsmithing and have found a lifelong passion.  Since then, I have been self-taught; picking up new techniques all the time.

Much of the work I do is inspired by nature, architecture, and historical design.  I have a great love of natural stones and making settings based around their individual characteristics.  Currently, I have been enamored with Art Nouveau and Jugendstil, and their incorporation of fluid curves and aspects of nature.  Many of my influences have come from designers like Lucien Gaillard, René Lalique, and Georges Fouquet. 

On the side, I am a gardener, tea enthusiast, and general hobby collector.


What does lithic mean?


lith•ic adj.


  1. Of the nature of, or relating to rock or stone


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